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“Change happens through movement, and movement heals” -Joseph Pilates


Whether you’re new to Pilates or have been practicing for years, we’re excited to help you achieve your goals. At Core Pilates, you’re not merely signing up for a class; you’re becoming a part of our supportive Pilates community.

Private Sessions

Receive personalized one-on-one instruction with one of our comprehensively trained instructors.

Duet Classes

Experience your Pilates sessions with a friend in this semi-private setting, two participants with 1 instructor.

Group Classes

Become a part of our Pilates family with the support and connection of our small group classes.

Why Pilates

What sets Pilates apart from other fitness programs

Pilates was originally named Controlology by Joseph Pilates for a reason. In Pilates all of our exercises are with focused attention. The intentional and controlled movements in Pilates focus on strengthening the core, lengthening and toning muscles, aligning posture, all while creating and promoting mind-body awareness.

This unique system of exercises uses low impact spring resistance with different apparatus in order to create stability and muscular balance throughout the body. Pilates also encourages mental proprioception which increases dexterity in your daily life movements.

Pilates is proven to be beneficial for all body types and all lifestyles. From active athletes, to the functional needs of busy adults, to maintaining movement and vitality in senior years. Pilates is effective for everyone’s goals across the board.

Why Choose Us

A Boutique Studio Focused on You

What sets us apart at Core Pilates is our unwavering commitment to making every individual feel successful and accepted in our studio. Our core values stem from our belief that movement heals, and Pilates is a powerful, life-changing practice that should be accessible to everyone, no matter their age or background. At Core Pilates, you’re not just another client; you’re part of our family.

  • Expertise and Passion
  • Emphasis on Community
  • Personalized Approach
  • Comprehensively Certified Instructors

How It Works

Begin Your Pilates Journey

Step 1: 
Complimentary Private Session

Your first time in the studio you'll receive a private session to help us get to know your body and your goals.

Step 2:
Four Private Sessions

These personalized sessions are essential in building a strong foundation for your technique before joining a group class.

Step 3:
Your Group Class

Once your instructor approves, you’ll move up into a small group class of up to 5 members to tap into our close-knit community energy.

Step 4:
Customized Membership

Choose a membership that is custom to fit your fitness goals and lifestyle. Your fitness journey is off to a powerful start!


What's New

New Member Promotions

  • 4 1-hour private sessions for $200
  • 4 group classes for $100
  • Promotions available for purchase in the studio!



Meet the Team

Introducing Our
Passionate Instructors

Here at Core Pilates, our team of instructors bring together a blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to the art of movement.

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Instructor & Studio Owner

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Core Pilates Group Classes

*All classes are 55 minutes in length,  and a maximum of 5 participants per group class. Expect to get a full body workout in all of our classes.

Level I

The beginner group class is where most participants will start. This class is designed to get you moving, and familiar with Pilates exercises on the Reformer, Springboard, or Wunda Chair. You can expect a continual class flow that moves one exercise into the next. You will start to develop the understanding of how the principals of pilates help your body stay in control through breath and movement. You will be responsible for making adjustments to your own apparatus based on the instructor’s instruction.

Level II

In this class,  you will start to feel things intensify. You can expect familiar movements from the beginner class, along with intermediate exercises added in. Class will flow a little easier, but become more challenging as you focus more on form and control. You will develop a good understanding of how the exercises build off of one another. 

Level III

Participants in the intermediate class will experience variations and progressions of  basic movements along with more challenging exercises that will require strength, balance, and control. At this point you are aware of your breathing and how the mind and body are connected in movement. 

Level IIII

Participants in this class have proven that they are in control of all of their movements, continually progressing towards more advanced exercises in class.


A Jumpboard is a wooden base that is added to the Reformer to create great versatility to the reformer workout. The jump board along with the springs allow the participant to perform low impact jumping throughout the class. This is a great way to incorporate additional bloodflow, circulation and cardio health to your pilates practice. Plus its a lot of fun!

*All classes may consist of one apparatus or a combination of Mat, Reformer, Springboard, or Wunda Chair depending on class  focus that day.
*Duets and Private sessions are not listed on the public schedule, those must be discussed and scheduled with the instructor prior to booking. 
*All members must have completed a minimum of 4 private sessions and have been approved by the instructor prior to joining a group class.
*Those who need a more personalized program,  due to preference, injury, or special circumstances will be best suited to remain in private sessions. 

Charity headshot

Charity Van Horn

Core Pilates/Studio Owner

My name is Charity Van Horn. I am the proud owner of Core Pilates; I am a Master Teacher Trainer with Pilates Sports Center and Nationally Certified with NPCT. I started my fitness journey 18 years ago by teaching group fitness at the local gym in a small town in Statesboro Georgia. Little did I know that my time in Statesboro Georgia would jumpstart a passion for fitness and open an amazing world for me. Over the years I taught many different programs and various types of group fitness classes at locations across Georgia and South Carolina. As my body started to wear down from teaching high impact group fitness, I turned to Pilates. My first time on a Reformer I was hooked. I was able to see a difference in just a few sessions. Pilates was literally fixing the damage, and correcting muscle imbalances, from all the years of wear and tear as a group fitness instructor.  In 2016 my family needed to relocate to California where I was able to complete the teacher training through Pilates Sports Center in Claremont, California. That was the best decision ever, I absolutely love my job. I taught Pilates for 3 years in California before we were relocated yet again in 2019 back to Georgia, but this time to the Atlanta area. Once here I worked in the Pilates studio inside the LifeTime fitness, until the Pandemic hit. At which point I opened a successful private home studio where Core Pilates was born in 2020. I absolutely love helping others achieve their goals, and for them to see what movement can do to their body when properly executed.  

My family is my biggest support. My husband Adam is my rock, and my three kids ages 18, 14, and 12 are my cheerleaders. If I’m not in the studio, you’ll find me on the tennis courts, at the martial arts studio training in Krav Maga, or in my car driving my kids all over the place.

I am always learning, always advancing, and always teaching.


Pilates Certifications through Pilates Sports Center include:

Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Ladder Barrel

Master Trainer in all apparatus with Pilates Sports Center

NPCT Certified Pilates Instructor

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Power Plate Trained

TRX Suspension trained    CPR/AED certified

Gina headshot


Pilates Instructor

Gina has always had a love of movement. Yoga, Barre, and Pilates were part of her regular workout regime for years as she loved the mind/body connection that they gave her and the way her body felt in controlled movement.  She first experienced Pilates when she purchased the Mari Windsor Pilates Dvd’s years ago and started doing mat pilates. She saw such a difference, she decided to take Reformer pilates in 2002 and was absolutely thrilled at how transformative it was.

In 2011 she began to pursue her first Yoga certification, and decided this was her path. Teaching and helping others through movement and fitness. She has since completed severy Yoga certifications, and comprehensive Pilates certification.

Gina taught yoga, and Barre classes in Greenville, SC for years as well as kid’s yoga in various locations. She moved to Suwanee GA in Decmeber of 2019.

Gina is happily married to her husband, has 2 active teenagers, and two emotionally needy dogs.  You will find Gina ready to learn and grow, and she believes deeply in professional development. Her favorite quote is “Expereience fails to teach where there is no desire to learn” -George Bernard Shaw


Pilates Mat certified with Pilates Sports Center

Pilates Reformer certified with Pilates Sports Center

Pilates Chair certified with Pilates Sports Center

Pilates Cadillac certified with Pilates Sports Center

RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Core Barre Certification

Kid’s Holy Yoga Certification

Holy Yoga 200 hour Certified

Master Holy Yoga 300 hour / trauama sensitive training 

Stephanie headshot


Pilates Instructor

Movement has always been a joyful part of my life! Growing up in Idaho I spent time climbing trees and riding my bike everywhere, but my favorite ways to explore movement were through gymnastics, dance and cheer. When I was introduced to studio Pilates a few years ago, I was delighted by how the flow of movement reminded me of dancing, and the way Pilates challenged my muscles reminded me of the precision of gymnastics – I was hooked! The benefits of Pilates amazed me! I saw myself gaining core strength quickly, loved the challenge to my body AND mind, and found myself wanting to learn more about why Pilates is so beneficial to our bodies. I am a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor through Pilates Sports Center, educated by Master Trainer Charity Van Horn of Core Pilates. I love meeting new people and sharing my love of Pilates with others through teaching. My passion for learning about the benefits of moving the body has led me to see that Pilates will forever be part of my life, and I look forward to practicing Pilates for the rest of my life. In my spare time I love spending time with my family hiking and watching scary movies, and exploring creativity through painting, crafting and decorating.


Comprehensively trained and certified through Pilates Sports Center 

Mat Pilates Certified

Reformer Pilates Certified

Cadillac Certified

Wunda Chair Certified